inFORMING CONTENT is a three-day creation lab combining experimental approaches to theatre-making with academic research.

Students and artists create site specific performance pieces.  Having previously worked at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics and the Jackman Humanities Institute, this workshop encouraged artists and students to create new site specific pieces in response to lectures given by the academics who worked in the building.  This year, the academics will be coming to the theatre makers, as InFORMING CONTENT will be held at the inspiring new live arts hub The Theatre Centre in Toronto.

As a Volcano Associate artist, I have lead inFORMING CONTENT for five years.  It is a workshop which aims to expose young artists to forms of creation that are outside the scope of most traditional training in Canada. We strive to challenge artists to collaborate with academic experts in performance creation. By doing so, we institute a dialogue that will allow these new forms to mirror, prod at, and in some cases, subvert content.

Participation at inFORMING CONTENT is free for the artists, and the lectures and performances are free for audiences.  This year’s inFORMING CONTENT will be April 28th, 29th and 30th.  Contact Volcano to get involved.

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