A Synonym for Love (2012)

In 2012 I was commissioned by Volcano Productions and the Classical Music Consort  to write a modern English libretto for Handel’s first opera, Cor Fedele.  Volcano and CMC were staging the production at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, and wanted to separate the opera (which tells the story of a love triangle) into three distinct tracts, followed by three separate groups of audience, throughout the hotel.  The result was a piece called A Synonym for Love, that sold out its month long run, and garnered considerable critical praise.  A Synonym for Love was nominated for four Dora Awards, including a nomination for myself in the category of “Outstanding new musical/opera.”

Read Richard Ouzounian’s review of the show here.  

More information about A Synonym for Love can be found on Volcano’s website.

A Synonym for Love was directed by Ross Manson, assistant directed by Marjorie Chan and Lowri Evans, music direction and conduction by Ashiq Aziz, starring Tracy Scott Bisette, Emily Atkinson and Scott Beluz.  The orchestra was the Classical Music Consort.


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